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Parents’ Night Out


$25 Ages 3-13

10% Sibling discount

How is Parents' Night Out at Solomon's different than other Parents' Night Out?

The children will be engaged in a craft and/or educational hands-on related activities to the theme.

Pizza or sandwiches, themed food snacks and a documentary or movie related to the theme will be provided.

Give yourself an evening out and know that your children are taken care of and learning something too!


My three children attended Parent's Night Out with Lisa at Solomon's Academy in July. It was so nice not to have to worry about feeding my children before we got to Solomon's Academy. When my husband and I picked up the kids, they were full of information about Leonardo da Vinci with the night's theme of Italy. They could not wait to show us the flying machine and parachute models they had made out of popsicle sticks. Lisa is so fun and always laughing and having a good time with the kids in any classes we have attended. I knew they would enjoy PNO too! My husband and I got a night out without worry!

Jennifer S.

Hampton Cove, Alabama

March 24-Board Games/Chess (3 openings left)

March 25-Ireland (3 openings left)

April 21-Math w/Art


April 22-Board Games/Chess

May 19-Board Games/Chess

May 20-Mexico